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the Participants

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Appadurai Facilitation.ppt



Name: Dai Kojima

Contact: dai dot kojima at gmail dot com

Website: http://greentofu.wordpress.com

Program: Ph.D, Human Development, Learning and Culture/ECPS

Interests: New Media, The Sociocultural Approach, Critical/Queer Theory, Social Change



Name: Rachael Corneil

Contact: corneilra!shaw.ca

Program: MEd CUST

Day job: Vice-Principal at an elementary school

Academic Interests: Identity formation in youth, New Media, anything that helps me to stretch my ways of knowing

Other life: Adventures - snowboarding, surfing, exploring the nooks and crannies of Vancouver, traveling

... the excitement of the unknown and the journey; destination irrelevant


I thought I should put this video in context...

This is a video of students from my elementary school. Physical activity and personal health is now finally being looked at as having an important place in education (kinesthetic literacy... hmmm... does it work as a term?).   



Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 5b6147bc60c641439fc2bb32df05f4bc



Pearl at the Source of the Nile, Uganda


Pearl Hunt is a performing artist and former lecturer in the Department of Humanities, Simon Fraser University.
Program: PhD in the Centre for Cross Faculty Inquiry
Interests: oral narratives, participatory education, critical ethnography and cultural democracy.
Recent academic writing: “Losing My Western Baggage" (2007) Journal of Contemporary Issues In Education
 Name: Gordon Thomas Fitt


Untitled #4 (Self Portrait)


Something about me:                                                            A little Project I worked on last term:








  Winter blow out sale.  One size fits all. 

Do you fit (in)?








Name: Jocelyne Robinson

Program: CCFI

Activities: I'm enjoying my program of study which is to address the under-representation of aboriginal students  in the area of science & technology. I also take up the problem of aborignal language loss as it relates to different aspects of  education.  As an artist I enjoy working through ideas that can be incorporated in and out of my daily life. The movement of ideas creates an exciting place to be.  I also enjoy visiting local exhibits such as the Georgia O Keefe exhibit at the VAG. Lately I have been taking part in local running events.  You may notice that I have a coffee  cup in my hand. I love coffee and  a good read. I am  currently reading a book called "Pathways to Chance" by David F. Peat.


This picture was taken in the Classical Yuyan Garden in Shanghai China, 07.



Important things: My family. Some of us are in the pic. The adorabe young person in the middle is 12 year old daughter Mackenzie.

                            Understanding "Silence" and the role it plays in my life.

                            Children and Education as I think they are at the heart of understanding Democracy.


Academic interests: understanding the gap between what we know and what we do. Specifically as the gap relates to LGBTQ children and how they continue to be marginalized in public schools (probably all schools). If I can do more than just articulate the "gap" I will be a very happy person.


Activites: Well, when I am not reading...I love to play tennis, ski, board, hike, laugh...












Name: Paulina Moreno


Contact: palafre@yahoo.com


Program: Society, Culture and Politics in Education


Interests: Psychoanalysis, Independent Films (specially Woody Allen), classic literature, Flamenco, travelling!


Favorite quote:

"A question of love is linked to knowledge." (Lacan)






Name: Valerie Triggs

Email: vtriggs@telus.net

Program: Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry

Activities: anything outside….love being a student again.

Current technology obsession: Adobe Illustrator – wondering how to express virtuality or potential for change by reducing an image to as few lines of tracing as possible and then eliminating the original – not just to make a different me but to draw changeability.  Here’s the automatic trace function…not quite ready to show you the other yet.










Yasmeen Ahmad          



My program:      M.Ed. with the Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education.

Learning focus:  My academic interest is around Global Citizenship/Issues and Experiential Learning. 

Current vision :  I'm interested in integrating learning with living through travel, literature, sharing experience, photography and some theory! 





Indira Dutt



here are two pictures of a cob oven I made (these are process pics)






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