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Tech Tapas Wish List

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Community Skill Inventory


What could you teach?  (like, Upload a video to YouTube, start a blog, whatever....)


Wish List


Please list your wishes for Tech Tapas demos. What cool thing do YOU want to learn how to do (like, Upload a video to YouTube, start a blog, whatever....)? Tip: The skill should take about 5-10 mins. to demonstrate. So, be quite specific.

 How to download a video from YouTube, so that you can play it without an internet connection, anytime anywhere... Garage Band on the Mac Demo might be interesting. (Jocelyne Robinson)
 How to start a blog How sync music to slideshow (michele s.)
Will show how to find images online and Photoshop them. Some interesting graphics effects for photos or video ( like the one we saw in the DVD project last week) -Yasmeen
 How to open several windows at the same time: On the Mac. How to take a screen shot on the Mac. How to create a community calendar. Jocelyne make a webpage
  And this too:  how about cascading style sheets so we can make our wiki beautiful. Linda

 Creating a stop-motion animation film using iMovie.


Non-linear digital video editing.


Embedding a video (from Youtube) into an HTML web page.


How to create a blog using a blog site.

Flash animation.



 How to create your own avatar - turn a photo of yourself into a web graphic  how to save a clip from a DVD
 Things that make your life a bit easier with SMS/cell phone.
 getting started in imovie

 Starting a Blog/Video Blog


 how to customize icons on your mac desktop - use your own pictures instead of the folder images  








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