Project Proposal

What are you going to do, how, and why is it worth doing?


You will prepare a written proposal for your CCFI 502 project. You will then use feedback on your proposal to complete your project. A proposal should be 3 pages, and not more than 4 pages.



Here are some questions that might help you discuss and author your proposal:


1. Key Frameworks – What is the focus of your  project? How are you situating your project research activities in the academic literature?  What/Whose theoretical insights and perspectives frame your thinking? What is the overall argument that you are making in this project?


2. Intentions and Positions – What do you intend to accomplish by means of this project? What does scholarship  have to say about placing value on this particular cluster of goals? What might be a counter-argument to placing value on this particular set of outcomes? How do the stated goals of your project fit, or not, with larger sets of goals (e.g., globalization, a School District position paper, and so on…)?


3. Key Constructs – What are they constructs that form the constituent elements of your assembled argument? How are they defined? What are the points of contention in the academic literature regarding this group of constructs? What is your position regarding these discussions of point of view? How will this affect the design of the project?


4. InterActivities – ONLY RELEVANT IF YOU ARE CREATING MULTIMEDIA - What kinds of dynamic objects will you create for carrying out your designs in a specific context? The possibilities are endless, and include: video, website, podcast, animation, simulation, game, unit plan, layout for media lab, workshop plan and activities etc… What are the main steps you need to take to produce the materials that will support InterActivity? How will the /objects/learning materials be produced?




The following criteria will be used to assess the  Proposal:



Evaluation Criteria



Scholarly Focus


Educationally Significant-----------------------------------------------Not clearly educational




Well elaborated-------------------------------------------------Unclear




Specific Enough--------------------------------------------------Too general




Use of Scholarship


Good use of literature---------------------------------More integration needed





Appropriate literature----------------------------------Omission of important research




Framed as a Reflective Argument------------------------------------------Knowledge- telling





Quality of Writing


Knowledge- transforming------------------------------------------Knowledge- telling





Argument deals with multiple points of view----------------------MySide bias





Clear and concise--------------------------------Rambling and disorganized





Few spelling and grammatical errors---------Multiple spelling and grammatical errors





APA style correctly used---------------------------------Incorrect use of APA style