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Get started by Creating a PBWiki Identity

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What you will have to do is this ...


1. Wiki Administrator will invite you to sign up for a PBwiki Identity at http://my.pbwiki.com

Here is a page explaining the Identity service: http://newfaq.pbwiki.com/PBwiki_Identity



2. When you sign up, you will be asked to verify your email address when PBWiki sends you an email.

You must be able to receive an email from PBWiki and you must click the verification link in it to prove to PBWiki that this is a valid email address.



3. As you click the verification email, you will be taken to your Identity page at my.pbwiki.com to set your own personal password, fill out the registration info and set their options there.

As you fill out their personal info there, you will be asked if they want their email address to be shown or not. Naturally, you may want to hide the email address. Make sure that you are aware of that option.



4. Once you have registered, you may have to add the Knowledgepublic wiki to your Home page at my.pbwiki.com.

Here is a page explaining this:




5. Finally ready to roll ... from now on, you should log into your own private my.pbwiki.com page using your own password.

 You can then click the link to go to the CCFI 502 wiki to contribute there.


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